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11 November 2007 @ 01:52 am
I Wasn't Attacked by Ninjas  
Or fallen into the toliet, or jumped or a bridge, or died from exhaustion and stress... yet.  School sucks. I wonder how many more times I could say that before one of you would hit me. I've barely gotten to write fic this semester and it's really starting to wear on me. Between school, two jobs, and life I just can't wait until break. 

Anyway, this is basically just me giving thoughts on everything since I've been pretty MIA for awhile just before I actually post something NEW!

I haven't been able to watch Big Shots since about the second episode and I caught the last 10 or so minutes on Thursday and realized the show is doomed. SPOILERS by the way. What the hell is MV kissing Katie so freaking soon! Like there was a reason we all sighed with joy when he kissed Syd in the rubble of SD-6. Because Alias dangled the relationship in our faces to the point of pain before letting anything truly happen. And could we be like a little more morally upset that she had no qualms about knowlingly being with a married man... especially since oh I don't know that's what James left his wife for? Why was the scene so short. For that matter, why were all the big shocking dun dun dun themes so short.... like whatshisface being fired. That's why I think the show is doomed. Too many major things happened in too short of time to where they don't even seem like big things anymore. Sad face. I really liked being able to flip on the TV and stare at MV every once and a while.

And just because I swear I'm not this normally psychotic... I caught like half of an House episode the other day - the one where he solves the case thing with the CIA guy. When they first flashed CIA guy I thought it was MV and even laughed out loud a little. Then they showed him again and it wasn't and I was sad, hahaha.

One main reason I came to post tonight is that this past week I was fishing through CDs to find one I hadn't listened to in a while when I came across a really old burned one. Well after about the 5th song I realized that it was my "fourth season Alias CD" hahaha. I had put a few songs from the show (Good Day, Everything's Alright, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, etc.) as well as Lenny Kravitz's Lady which was the song they played on almost every promo commerical for the 4th season. Anyway, I was driving listening to the cd and felt depressed for a moment because I missed you guys and sd-6 since I never get anytime to spend on here anymore. As I said over there, we tried so hard and was so devastated during the summer that it might end and then it got to keep going and now I just feel bad that I don't get to enjoy it and show how much I love the place.

Also in other random news - I was studyin and overheard Ben Afleck on Jay Leno.. I think it was a rerun but not really sure... but he told this really cute story and him and Jen and it just made me go aww that they seem good and happy.
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(Anonymous) on November 16th, 2007 12:31 pm (UTC)
Kid, this put a big smile on my face :)

Don't ever hesitate to write such posts here, 'cause I love to read them! And yes, Lady Sleeper, me too. Life is ALWAYS in the way :( Please forgive me, you all, for being so late in reading you. I'll try harder, promise

Big hug