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13 August 2007 @ 11:45 pm
"Membership" FAQs  
The only difference between membership and watching the community is that membership allows you to see locked posts. The only posts that will be locked will be the smutty goodness NC-17 rated stories. If you are over the age of 17 please feel free to join. If you have already requested membership and it hasn't gone through yet (give me a day or two) then it's mostly likely because I have no way of knowing what age you are. I review all the member requests myself so if your LJ doesn't show an age or I can't find your age through other means (sd-1 profile, a reference the you're obviously an adult, someone to vouch for you) and there is no email listed then I'm kind of stuck. Help a girl out, please. I understand about privacy and maybe not wanting to post your birthday for all of the world so see, so if you rather - email me at yeuxverts47@hotmail.com with some type of way to vertify age whether that be a university/college email account, myspace, facebook, etc etc. I am pretty paranoid about privacy on the internet myself and I promise that I have no desire to stalk anyone.
Fair ladysleeper has explained it the best (she does have a wonderful way with words... oh, alliteration!):
"We season some of these stories with hot spices, never with the intention of being obscene or gratuitously pornographic, always in love and respect of the characters we portray. Yet spicy some of them are (…if we do our job well). If the law of your country or your sensibility requires you to stay away, we ask you to comply. There are plenty of stories on this site that you CAN read, by the way."
Also - I know that it's really easy to lie about your age, but I ask that you please don't. LJ is cracking down rated fanfic and fanart, I know there is some laws about it, so let's not ruin it for everyone. If you are underage, I guarantee that you can go to most local supermarkets, bookstores, even public library and pick up a romance novel without anyone blinking an eye. You can find anything ranging from cheap, trashy love stories to even Nicholas Sparks will through you a few sugestive pages. Because really that's all smut is, an amazing evolution of the romance novel.

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m0nical on August 23rd, 2007 09:48 am (UTC)
Oh, the ladysleeper is finally back from her holiday hiatus!!! :WEISS HAPPY DANCE:

Thanks girls for explaining this matter so clearly and beautifully :) I love sleeper's "spices passage", too, particularly the part about always writing in love and respect of the characters we portray. Because, if we want to be sure we're doing everything right here (hence the age filter), it is also important for us to make it clear that we don't write smut for smut's sake. As Cordelia once said about Buffy & Angel: "Oh, please! They've got the forbidden love of all time... I'm sure they're down there having tea and crackers!"