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04 September 2007 @ 10:15 pm
A Second Glance  
"Oh goodness, she's alive!"

Well guys, I come bearing fic... old ficage to be exact. Once again for like the nth time I'm revamping my first ever piece of fanfiction. I jumped off with a "novel-length" multi-chapter and I see now that back then I had no clue what I was falling into to. But! I've loved the fic world ever since I became a lurker on sd-1 and now I think I won't ever leave.

So, without further stalling or rambling.... I bring you the first couple of chapters of A Second Glance that I shall never edit again!

>> Prologue: In This Version

>> Chapter One: N'est Pas Bleu, C'est Vert

>> Chapter Two: Just Vaughn

>> Chapter Three: Sleeping Late and Red Crayons

>> Chapter Four: Nice -- Not Just Another Place in France